Doctor Stir Behel

Teeth stirrup is a procedure performed to straighten a messy tooth structure. installing stirrup must not be careless. Must be with people who are experts in the field because it requires various precise calculations. This procedure is usually carried out by an orthodontist (Sp.Ort) specialist, a dentist who specializes in aesthetic teeth, mouth and jaw.

Messy teeth can indeed disrupt aesthetics. But more than that, this procedure is also done to overcome the problems that can arise due to a messy arrangement of teeth (Malocclusion) which can affect the health of the jaw and increase the risk of cavities and inflammation of the gums.

The procedure for attaching stirrup is done by utilizing pressure from continuous braces. This pressure will regulate the arrangement of teeth to a certain position and change the structure of the jaw and bone around the tooth over time. After the installation process you may feel pain or pain in the teeth or gums.

Some pain relievers will be given by doctors to treat the pain you are feeling. You may need to avoid hard foods so that the pain does not get worse.

As an alternative, it’s better to eat soft foods to reduce aches and pains for several days after the procedure. For example, mashed potatoes, porridge, vegetables cooked until soft, fish, eggs, and can also with fruits such as bananas.

The doctor will also provide more information regarding some restrictions that you should keep in mind while wearing braces. You may also experience thrush due to abrasions in the oral cavity that come into direct contact with braces. You can deal with this problem by gargling salt water or applying mouth ulcers which can be bought freely at pharmacies.

Within a month, you will usually get used to having braces in your mouth.

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